Throughout the day, children are engaged in meaningful learning opportunities:

The children gather together at circle time to greet their classmates and teachers. We build community and become a school family as we “check in” with one another. This is also the time when new learning topics and ideas are introduced and discussed.

Children learn through play; play is a vehicle of growth for the young child. During play time, children learn to interact with each other and work cooperatively. Playtime affords a child the opportunity to share, think and to problem solve. Play is hard work for the 3, 4 and 5 year olds. Materials, centers, and thoughtfully selected toys in the classroom encourage children to use their wonderful imaginations and build upon their creative, dramatic play while developing their gross and fine motor skills.

Our students participate in outdoor and indoor activities. During outdoor time, children enjoy biking, climbing, playing with balls, sandbox play, and opportunities for imaginative play. They are developing their large motor skills, eye/hand coordination and eye/foot coordination.  The children also participate in movement classes, and rhythm, dance, and stretching exercises.

Music is the universal language!  Our classrooms are equipped with musical instruments and opportunities for children to explore rhythm and song. Music selections include children’s songs, classical music, folk songs, show tunes, instrumental, Hebrew and holiday music. The children in our school have been known to parade around the grounds using musical instruments as they march through the classrooms, kitchen, out to the playground, and back again!  Wednesdays are special because that is our Music & Movement day- when Morah Rivka, accompanied by her keyboard, sings and dances with all the children!   

Art materials are available to the children throughout the day. The children explore and express their creativity using a variety of materials. Paints, markers, crayons, pastels, clay, colored pencils, tape, glue, scissors, and felt are some of the materials the children will experiment with in the classroom. It is the process, not the finished product, that matters!

Our goal is to expose children to the modern Hebrew language. They will hear and learn Hebrew words relating to the seasons, Jewish holidays and topics discussed in their classroom. Hebrew songs and games are incorporated into lessons. Students will also have hands-on experiences learning about Jewish values, and the customs associated with Shabbat and all the Jewish holidays.

Taking care of our garden is a delight! Together with our gardening teacher, the children plant, weed, water, care for, observe, then harvest and enjoy the produce of their carefully tended, organic garden.    

SHABBAT ABBA/IMA                                                                                            Preparing for and celebrating Shabbat is a joyous weekly event at Gan Israel. The children welcome Shabbat by baking challah, singing songs, saying the blessings over the candles, reciting the Kiddush-blessing over the grape juice and chanting the Hamotzi - prayer for eating bread over the Challah. Every child will have an opportunity to be a Shabbat Abba/Ima.